PCC - Trading Algorithm

Being able to capture the "perfect entry" for strong trends can become a full time job trading in the cryptocurrency markets. Because crypto is traded 24/7, 52 weeks of the year, it can be draining trying to capitalize on every opportunity that Bitcoin presents.
Welcome to the PCC Trading Bot!

The Bot:
Our custom-build trading algorithm identifies strong trends, and capitalizes on the increase in volatility when a strong trend emerges. It uses a mixture of three different parameters to trigger it's entries for both long and short, and because it's best suited for trending markets in either direction, it doesn't matter if we're in a bear or bull market. Our PCC Trading Bot captures strong trends and generates alpha for our community! 

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Manual & Automated Trading:
The bot overlays buy and sell signals onto your Tradingview chart, so if you don't want to set up the connection for the algorithm to trade automatically, you'll still be able to see the entries and exits. If you're looking to automate the algorithm to trade automatically, we have a tutorial within our Discord going over the process step-by-step. We offer support setting up the bot, so even if you're brand new to trading and the crypto market, we'll help you set up the PCC Trading Algorithm to trade automatically using your own capital in your own account!

For security, the bot only requires permissions to open and close trades, as well as check the balance, but does not have the permission to withdraw any funds. We will never require you to share your password, and you are the only person with access to your funds. We will never ask you to send in BTC for us to trade, and you will always have complete control of your assets traded by the bot. Max loss in Dollar value or as a percentage can be set to manage risk.

 ⇩ Now, to get into the details of the bot's performance! ⇩
PCC - Trading Bot Analytics
The back-tested duration for the data above is from December 2018 - April 2022.
Over 109 trades, trading the same Dollar value each time:
Win/loss ratio = 46.8%
Risk/Reward = 2.1
Max drawdown = 13%
Total profit factor = 285.4%

How to Join?
To start using the PCC Trading Algo, the best place to start is within our Discord! You can enter our Discord community by click the link below:


PCC - Trading Bot Image