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Prime XBT

This blog will serve as an investigation into a world leading online exchange that offers services which others simply don't. We're firm believers in using exchanges that exceed your expectations and satisfy your trading needs.

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Diverse Assets to Trade:

  • On this platform, you can trade crypto, CFDs on major indices, as well as foreign exchange pairs! Diverse options all available in one central place - cannot beat convivence! 

  • Aggressive leverage, up to 100x, is available for those with the expertise and appetite for risk. Remember, less leverage is usually better! 

  • Another aspect to consider is liquidity. Prime XBT boasts billions of dollars in volume traded daily. Don't have to worry about slippage with ultra low spreads.

Don't Have the Time?

Life happens! Crypto trading requires dedication and time because of the 24/7 365 market. Crypto doesn't sleep, and crypto traders rarely do either! PrimeXBT has an innovative feature known as "Covesting"..


  • This feature allows for investing in algorithims/individual traders and their relative success/losses in the market.

  • By using this, your funds will emulate the trades made and the potential profit of whichever fund you so choose. 

  • Through the PrimeXBT website, you can screen different strategies, track records, and methodologies of those who run PrimeXBT covesting funds. Super cool feature to gain passive exposure to a strategy you believe in.

  • Below you will find a series of funds with their relative performance YTD, 24H performance, and the public interested invested.


Looking for Entertainment?

PrimeXBT can fulfill that need as well! This platform has another feature known as "Turbo" that offers outrageous potential gains. Here is a snapshot taken from their website:

  • Essentially, you pick long/short depending if you think the price will increase/decrease within the next 10 or 15 minutes.

  • If it passes/falls below the agreed upon the defined price, you profit! This falls somewhere between trading and gambling, so manage risk appropriately!

What is not to like!?

PrimeXBT has the features you want, trading pairs you need, and the liquidity to make it feasible. Click here to register with the platform and get started today! 


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